On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Dr. Brian Carr spoke with Chad Hasty about his campaign for Lubbock city council District 5.

Fracking continues to be a major concern for not just Lubbock, but many oil and gas industries in Texas as well. Carr said that he feels oil and gas industries are not being managed correctly and would like to see an oil inspector put in place to keep tabs on the oil workers. He has also worked with the Board of Health to put out a report on hydraulic fracking. However, he added that the Mayor created his own oil and gas committee that would certainly come up with a different recommendation than the Board of Health, and chided the council for "shopping around" and consulting various committees and task forces until they get the answer they're looking for.

Carr also criticized the incumbent District 5 councilwoman Karen Gibson, saying that she is only looking out for her special interest groups and doesn't look out for the average working man.  He also went after Gibson on PAC money and said there is a clear attempt by her supporters to "buy" the District 5 seat.

"My opponent, she really represents a special interest group of people who are very well off. My own analysis showed that about 76% of her backers are all developers and real estate people...I think money is definitely a part of this problem in the city. And in this case, there is a clear attempt, I believe, to buy this distinct seat and keep [Councilwoman Gibson] as a mouthpiece."

Carr did say that he agreed with Gibson's ban on the drugs, but wants to take it one step further. He said he would like to see synthetic drug use bumped up to a felony offense instead of just a misdemeanor, in order to put some teeth into the ordinance. He also shared his thoughts on some possible issues the council will continue to face, such as texting while driving, a city-wide smoking ban, and raising taxes.

For more information on Brian Carr and his campaign for city council District 5, visit his website at carrforlubbock.com.

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