Over the last several months San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and state Senator Dan

Dan Patrick, Facebook

Patrick have debated over Twitter and through the media the issue of immigration. The two are polar opposites on the issue and have used each other's comments to benefit them politically.

Patrick repeatedly attacked Castro in campaign commercials calling Castro, "Obama's favorite Democrat". Castro has scored points with Democrats by attacking Patrick's language on the issue of immigration. In January, Castro described Patrick as anti-immigrant according to the San Antonio Express-News.

The debate could have an impact on the future political careers of both men. Patrick is in a runoff with Lt. Governor David Dewhurst with election day on May 27th. Castro's name has been floated as a possible candidate for various elected positions from Texas Governor to the White House, though he is not expected to be a candidate for 2016.

Julian Castro, Facebook

According to the Express-News Logan Spence said the debate Tuesday night is an opportunity for the Patrick campaign.

“The debate with Mr. Castro is just one more opportunity for him to highlight his policies on illegal immigration, one of the top issues on the minds of Republican primary voters,” Patrick campaign manager Logan Spence said last week.

“His message will continue to be that the Texas-Mexico border is not secure and that Texas must lead in finding solutions to dealing with a problem created by federal government inaction,” Spence said.

The debate should be interesting an one that many, including Lt. Governor David Dewhurst will be watching. If Patrick slips up against Castro it could have a huge negative impact on Patrick's campaign for Lieutenant Governor. If Castro slips up badly it could have a huge impact on his political future as well.

You can watch the stream of the debate on the Texas Tribune's website, www.texastribune.org at 6pm on Tuesday.