Cory Session vividly remembers the moment when his family learned that Tim Cole had been convicted of rape.

During a speech in Lubbock Wednesday (September 17) afternoon to honor his late brother, Session, who was 17 years old at the time of Cole's conviction, recalled the moment he found out and how his mother Ruby reacted.

"I heard this chanting going on and I wondered why no one else heard it and got up. It was my mother, walking up and down the hallway, saying, 'Why did they do this to my son? You know he didn't do it,'" said Session, his voice cracking with pain. "That sticks with me forever."

Session's mother Ruby, who fought tirelessly to clear her son's name after he was tried and convicted, passed away in 2013.

Despite the progress made toward reducing the imprisonment of people for crimes they didn't commit, Session believes there's still ground to gain. Though his brother wasn't alive to see the day he was pardoned, others could still win that battle -- or avoid it altogether.

"We've all got work to do," he said. "We've only just begun."

Hear Cory Session's full speech at the Tim Cole memorial statue unveiling below.