Texas State Senator Charles Perry joined Tom and Laura Monday morning to talk about open carry. This is a topic that Texas hasn't considered earnestly up until this point.

Perry said:

As of Thursday we passed out license to carry out of the Senate, which means that if you're currently a CHL holder you can actually open carry. They also passed out campus carry with no amendments on it, which basically allows students, if they have their CHL license, they can carry on campus.

Perry also noted that no matter the laws passed, there are always going to be criminals.

"You can't legislate laws around bad things happening," said Perry. "In other words, there's going to be bad people doing bad things, and no amount of laws on the books is going to prevent that."

The best case scenario is for people to be able to defend themselves against those people, said Perry.

Listen to the entire interview with Charles Perry in the YouTube box above.

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