It was a full, fun, exciting day that ended with a huge bang!

The Buffalo Springs Lake 3rd of July Fireworks Extravaganza went off with excellence and splendor, much to the delight of residents and patrons of the lake and the hundreds of cars lined up on all of the roads surrounding the lake and vicinity.

Jud Cheuvront of Seminole put the whole fireworks show together and it was the best I've ever seen -- especially the finale with the gigantic heart firework. Incredible!

The petting zoo put on by Whitley Acres was absolutely amazing. Goats, miniature horses and baby donkeys you would expect, but a miniature brahma bull, llama, baby kangaroo and baby lemur? Wow! The kids were all thrilled.

Debbie Whitley from Levelland does a wonderful job and the animals were so sweet and gentle with the kids -- even the goat who tried to eat my shorts!

The crowd was in a jovial mood, the live music was rockin' and the smell of sun tan oil, insect repellent and grilled meat let us know we were in the throes of summer. Toss in the bitterly delicious smell of sulphur after each firework detonated and you have the perfect holiday celebration at the lake!

Check out the photos and video, tag yourself on Facebook and thanks for making it such an incredible party!


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