Some fans recently asked actor Bill Murray for his autograph, and, in true wacky Murray fashion, he gave them something even better: a slo-mo walk to use in their very own short film.

Thanks to Badass Digest for picking up this little gem — when Murray was filming something recently, a group of friends approached him for an autograph. Not content to just give them the ol’ meaningless name scrawl, Murray offered to do a slow-mo style walk down a hallway with the guys.

The results are this short film, edited together like a Wes Anderson movie, complete with signature Anderson font and titles. It’s pretty damn cool and kind of adorable.

Note to Bill Murray fans: When you ask for his autograph, be prepared to get something much more memorable.

The internet has been filled with Bill Murray “myths” for years now, where people post their bizarre encounters with the actor that typically end with him telling them, “No one will ever believe you.” Well, we can definitely believe this video and we are totally jealous.

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