On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Ben Ferguson, host of The Ben Ferguson Show, talked with Chad Hasty about the chaotic finish to the Texas legislative session and Senate Bill 5.

The first special session of the 83rd Texas legislature ended in a meltdown as Senate Bill 5 was defeated in the Senate. After a 11-hour filibuster form Senator Wendy Davis and a huge uproar from the crowd, the vote was not taken until after the midnight deadline, making the vote null and void.

Ferguson said one of the reasons everything fell into chaos last night was a lack of leadership from the Republicans, and he placed the blame squarely on Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst. He said that Dewhurst had no idea how to run the session when it started descending into chaos, and that he is grateful that Dewhurst was not elected to the U.S. Senate.

"I will put this squarely on David Dewhurst, because of the fact that David Dewhurst could not get control of the legislature. He had plenty of time after they kicked out those that were not allowing for order in the gallery, and he did not get control of the body that he's supposed to be overseeing. And it made me so glad that we didn't send him to the U.S. Senate if he can't even figure out the rules of the place he's in charge of in Austin to get the done by midnight."

Ferguson added that Senator Davis should not be hailed as a hero, and that all she was doing was advocating killing more babies. Ferguson also said that, if and when a second special session is called, it will most likely have tons of coverage from the national media. And with most of the media tending to lean left anyway, Ferguson predicts that all this coverage could really work against the state of Texas.

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