Well, that didn't take long, did it? Earlier this week I told you about the rash of fly-by-night roofers and hail dent guys who have popped up after last weekend's hail storms.

Our friends over at Everything Lubbock have an employee who could have been a victim of a fake roofing scam. And the scam works like this.

A scammer calls you, saying that they work for a roofing company and that they're going to visit your home to appraise damage from storms.

In the case of this Everything Lubbock employee, once they asked about the roofer, the scammer simply hung up. And when they reached out to the BBB, they already knew what was going on.

"You're talking millions and millions of dollars that's up for grabs right now," Lubbock Better Business Bureau's Greg Linder told Everything Lubbock. "These guys are going to do whatever they need to do or feel like they have to do to try to get their hands on some of that money."

Bottom line: Don't be pressured into anything that you either don't want or need, and only use reputable companies who are willing to tell you everything you need to know.

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