Rumors of a canceled ABC Pro Rodeo for the 2020 season have been circulating through town after a media outlet indicated as much in a piece about crews beginning demolition of the coliseum.

The confusion came when the article mentioned comments by Randy Jordan, a member of the steering committee for the Lubbock County Expo Center. Jordan said, "the rodeo will not have a designated home next year, so the plans for the new Expo Center are being established to take its place."

The article quotes Jordan as having said, "They're gonna have to scramble to keep this going. Our goal is to give it a home in April of 2021, so that gives us two years."

It's easy to misinterpret the comments and context in which they were made if the article is the only information given. So we decided to dig a bit deeper once we received word that the ABC Pro Rodeo will, without a doubt, have a 2020 season.

Scott Peterson, member of the ABC Pro Rodeo Committee, spoke with us today to clarify the confusion.

Peterson said with the utmost certainty that there will be a 2020 ABC Pro Rodeo. Let's repeat that for those in the back: THERE WILL BE A 2020 ABC PRO RODEO.

With as much certainty as Peterson gave about the continuity of next year's rodeo, he stated that they are working hard to consider all options for a location and will choose the best fit for everything being considered.

Pressed about the issue of whether or not the rodeo will happen, Peterson elaborated and went on to say that because of PRCA rules the date set for the rodeo has to be maintained.  In other words, it would be as detrimental to the sponsors, charities and competitors to try to "reschedule" the rodeo as it would be to cancel it entirely, for various reasons.

One of the best reasons not to try and reschedule the rodeo is the huge ask that would be for those competing in PRCA events to return to Texas for one rodeo, months after the season ends. It's simply an impossible ask and therefore isn't even in consideration at this point, according to Peterson.

Consideration for the venue in which to host the rodeo is being given to locations close to Lubbock. When Hobbs, New Mexico was mentioned as an alternative, Peterson balked.

Hobbs is undoubtedly too far from the original and intended long-term home of the ABC Pro Rodeo, but cities such as Post, Levelland, and several others surrounding the city of Lubbock are being looked at with careful consideration. The date to start making appropriate announcements and additional plans is rapidly approaching.

Thankfully, the ABC Pro Rodeo will live on and continue without interruption, despite poor planning by our community leaders after they clearly saw the fate of the coliseum.

Many lives and organizations are impacted by the great work done by the fine folks who bring ABC Pro Rodeo to Lubbock, and we are thrilled that this long standing tradition is determined to stick around.

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