A lot of people consider their pets to be members of the family. So it would only make sense that they be insured like members of the family, right?

According to a report from the USA Today, pet insurance is on an impressive rise. New companies that specialize in pet insurance have been popping up more frequently as pet owners are more willing to spend money on their animals. Even major companies, such as Progressive Insurance, have started offering coverage for their customers' "furry friends."

The majority of providers offer different levels of coverage. The most basic plans protect against accidents and illnesses. Policyholders can purchase more benefits or add wellness coverage to pay for regular expenses such as annual exams, blood work and vaccines. Monthly premiums range from around $15 for a basic plan to about $75 for the most comprehensive coverage, and most policies will reimburse 80% or 90% of a claim.

Dogs are insured four times more frequently than cats...some of the most common claims for dogs are allergies, swallowed objects, cancer and ear infections, according to ASPCA Pet Insurance and Pets Best Insurance. For cats, kidney disease, cancer and bite wounds were among the top claims, the groups say.

Now, some people might say that this kind of specialized coverage only applies to those  "pet parent" types who obsess over their pets constantly and treat them like their own children. (or in some cases, better than their children...) But I can see this being a practical move, particularly if you own a breed that is susceptible to health problems. I think if you've got the money, go for it.