Mother's Day is right around the corner and Lubbock's First News has a great gift for mom. On Wednesday, we will be giving away a give certificate to the Woodhouse Day Spa here in Lubbock. Woodhouse offers many different services, you can see their menu of services here. I've been to Woodhouse and can say they are great at what they do and I recommend them to everyone.

In fact when my mother was in town for my wedding, she went to the Woodhouse Day Spa and got the Volcanic Stone Massage and loved it. She told me it was the best massage that she had gotten and I'm pretty sure she wished the Woodhouse was located in her city.

So how can you win the $50 gift certificate to the Woodhouse Day Spa? We will be registering people to win in a drawing on Monday and Tuesday. We will draw the name of our winner on Wednesday during Lubbock's First News. On Monday and Tuesday we will register people during LFN on the phones. We will also register anyone who becomes and fan of KFYO on Facebook and post "My mom needs a trip to the Woodhouse Day Spa!", again you must post that on our Facebook Fan page to be registered. The other way to win? Follow & tweet @KFYO on Twitter. Register via Twitter by following KFYO and tweeting @KFYO Woodhouse Day Spa Contest. It's that easy.

Good luck!