Are women worse drivers than men? Men would say yes, and women would slap them and say no. However, a new study shows that at least when it comes to hitting the brake vs. gas pedals, women are indeed worse. According to CBS:

You see, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently commissioned a study from the TransAnalytics research firm and the Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina. And that study found that women seem predisposed to hit the gas when they really mean to hit the brake.

In fact, the data reveals that women are twice as likely to accidentally hit the accelerator than men are.

The study looked at police data on crashes that occurred within North Carolina and at news reports on accidents that happened elsewhere. And in cases of unintended acceleration, women were at fault roughly 66% of the time.

But it’s not just women who are to blame. The study found that older drivers and younger drivers are particularly dangerous when it comes to gas-pedal accidents.

Older, younger, and female drivers being worse drivers? Sure it's a stereotype, but it might be true. Tip to the guys out there, this story could cause a fight between you and your wife or girlfriend.