You hear about it all the time. People get into fist fights, get stepped on, and generally just get bloody and bruised over Christmas shopping. But you normally don't hear about people getting tased over Christmas shopping, until now.

In New Hampshire, a 44-year-old woman was tasered by police after attempting to buy too many iPhones and allegedly resisting arrest.

The iPhone is a hot commodity this holiday season. But is it worth the risk of being stunned with a Taser?

As surfaced by CNET, a 44-year-old Chinese woman from Newton, Mass., experienced just such an action after she tried to buy more iPhones than the Apple Store limit of two at the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua, N.H.

While the accounts differ, Xiaojie Li, through an interview translated by her 12-year-old daughter with local news station WMUR-TV

Instead, the Apple Store apparently asked her to leave. (Li said she didn't understand what the store was asking.) When she didn't leave, the store called police to remove her. Police say she resisted arrest, and the video shows what happened next: The police used a stun gun on the woman, shown lying on the ground, struggling and screaming.

Li's fiance, John Hugo, tells the local news station in an interview with Li sitting by his side, "I was outraged. You go to a store to buy a phone. You end up getting brutalized by the police."

There's definitely something fishy about this whole story. First of all, she already went to this store and bought some iPhones before this incident took place, which you would think means she at least speaks and understands some English. Something else I find suspicious is that the police found $16,000, in cash, in her purse after she was subdued. Why would you need to carry that much cash around with you in the first place?

I suspect there's much more going on here than the story, or Ms. Li, is letting on. But we'll find out for sure when Li goes to court in January.