A Lubbock County Grand Jury indicted a woman Tuesday for theft from her workplace. This case is related to allegations that she faked a robbery and kidnapping to cover her theft.

On December 19, 2015, Briana Rainwater alerted police that two men forcefully entered her vehicle while she was waiting to make a deposit for work at a bank on 82nd street. She stated that the men pulled out a gun and forced her to drive to a nearby playa lake before they assaulted her and left with the money.

Rainwater (25) is said to have lied about the robbery and assault. She is also accused of stealing the deposit worth over $11,000 that was being delivered to Wells Fargo for her employer.

Court documents show that the police later revisited the case and found no video surveillance could be found of men entering her car to support her claims. Police also received a tip about a car that Rainwater had recently placed a payment on that she couldn't afford before the 19th.

Although Rainwater was arrested on December 23, she's since been bailed out of jail.

[Via Everything Lubbock]