If you worked for a lingerie company, you would think being "too hot" would be a good thing, right?

That's not the case in New Jersey. Lauren Odes, a 29-year-old temp worker, was fired from a lingerie company when the male owners  of the business said they were uncomfortable with her clothing and her "curvy" figure.

Odes said she was “appalled” when her supervisor suggested she tape down her breasts and wear some looser-fitting clothing, like her boyfriend’s oversized t-shirt.

Odes was placed at the store by a temp agency.  She also talked about being confused by the request from a company that sells skimpy lingerie.

“Given their business product, I simply did not understand why I was told that I was quote ‘too hot,’” Odes said.

Odes said the situation escalated to its peak when she was walked over to a closet and told to put on a bright red bathrobe and sit at her desk all day wearing it. She was fired later that day.

Odes claims that the Jewish Orthodox owners (not who you'd expect to own a lingerie store, is it?) were trying to force their religious beliefs on her by trying to control what she wore. I don't think that's really the case here, though. These guys own the business, so they have the right to enforce whatever kind of dress code they see fit. And this woman, for whatever reason, didn't follow the rules. And now she wants to make a big stink about it. Just take a look at who's representing her in court: celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

It's not a religious case, it's a case of a woman wanting a little attention.