The TEA accountability ratings, otherwise known as the campus ratings for LISD have been released. In LISD there were 5 campuses ranked with an exemplary status, 22 recognized campuses, 16 academically acceptable campuses, including Lubbock High School, and eight schools with unacceptable ratings, including the majority of LISD high schools Coronado Estacado and Monterey.

Schools are labeled based on the lowest area of performance by subjects, socio-economic status and ethnic group scores. Math was primarily the lowest scoring subject. Scores this year were lower on paper because of the removal of the Texas Projection Measure, which counted failing students as passing based on their improvement instead of test scores. When TPM is removed from the 2010 scores, 2011 scores actually show academic improvement.

Superintendent Karen Garza said she was disappointed with the drop in ratings, but was proud of the work teachers put into the classroom over the last year.

It is very demoralizing to the schools that experienced a drop in their accountability ratings despite the very hard work being done by teachers in classrooms across the district. There were many factors that impacted a decline in ratings in Lubbock ISD and across the state; however, we are responsible for preparing all students for academic success and we have implemented numerous strategies to ensure we are responsive and accountable for every student.

Campuses ranked exemplary for 2011 include Haynes, Honey, Murfee, Whiteside and Roscoe Wilson Elementary Schools.

Campuses receiving the Recognized rating are Bayless, Centennial, Guadalupe, Hardwick, Iles, Jackson, Maedgen, Parsons, Ramirez, Roberts, Rush, Smith, Tubbs, Waters, Wester, Wheelock, Williams and Wright Elementary Schools as well as Evans, Hutchinson and Irons Middle Schools and the Margaret Talkington School for Young Women Leaders.

Sixteen campuses rated Academically Acceptable.  Arnett, Bean, Bowie, Bozeman, Brown, Dupre, Harwell, McWhorter, Overton, Stewart, Wheatley and Wolffarth Elementary Schools, Cavazos, Dunbar, Mackenzie and Smylie Wilson Middle Schools and Lubbock High School all ranked as acceptable.

Schools rated Unacceptable were Hodges and Parkway Elementary Schools Alderson, Atkins, and O. L. Slaton Middle Schools, and Coronado, Estacado and Monterey High Schools. Three of the four high schools ranked unacceptable for the 2011 testing year.