People lately have asked me why I report on Luxury, Hyper, and Supercars in a city that is dominated by trucks and SUVs.

The answer is one that most people wouldn’t think of. When a new version of the Mercedes S-Class line comes out, that car’s technology, gadgets, and motor tech will be what you have in 10 years in your non-luxury car. Mercedes always sets the bar with the S-Class, and the automotive industry follows. It’s like clockwork, and has been this way for decades.

This is why consumers should pay attention to the top manufacturers of the best cars in the world. That gadget or technology that you love in your truck or SUV came from a high-end car or race team from within the past decade. That driver assist technology that keeps you alert came from an S-Class. That V6 that you drive that performs like a V8, but gets gas mileage like an I4 comes from Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, and Honda technology trickling down. That hybrid you’re driving, came from Formula 1.

Speaking of Formula 1, the race season begins this Sunday at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.