Be it a promoter that jumps the gun on announcing a show before the contract ink is dry, the artist becomes ill, ticket sales are lagging or a myriad of other issues, smaller markets simply seem to have more shows that cancel or postpone due in no small part because of the risk involved.

In a city like Dallas, Austin or San Antonio, the people pool is much larger. In simple math terms, Lubbock's pool of around 239,000, compared to the millions of potential ticket buyers looking to fill up the same 8-10,000 seat venue, means promoters who have the same cost in producing the show (artist, venue fee, security, stage, etc.) means when ticket sales are slow prior to the show, there is a far greater chance that the available walk-up (i.e. people purchasing tickets day of the show) is significantly less.

Photo: Philip Lange

The guys putting up all the risk (promoters) tend to get extremely nervous when presale tickets don't meet their initial anticipated projection. The end result is that these show dates often move (to allow more time for presale tickets) or simply don't happen at all.

Now, the chances are that the Cher camp is being honest in their assertion that the singer's postponed Lubbock show is being pushed back due to health reasons. The health of the artist is the utmost priority. However, the lack of a new date for the concert is definitely concerning.

So, what can you do if you want more big shows to come to the Hub City? Whether they are large or small, support the artist and buy a ticket early. This helps ease the mind of the promoter. That alone could help land future high-dollar shows when tour dates are being considered.

By the way: have you purchased your Enrique Iglesias/Pitbull tickets yet?