One of the dividing lines in the Republican field heading into 2016 is which set of politicians would be best for 2016. Governors and former Governors argue Americans wants those who have been executives to run. Senators are quick to point out that they have served on the front lines. As The Hill points out, it is a debate that has many politicians talking.

Former Texas Gov. Ricky Perry has been aggressive in dismissing senatorial experience a White House selling point, saying earlier this month that “governors have to make choices…senators talk.”

Even governors who once rubbed shoulders as Washington lawmakers are quick to argue voters should look outside D.C. for presidential picks.

“With the deepest respect to my former colleagues, that I am persuaded, having spent 12 years in Congress and two years as a governor, that the cure for what ails this country will come as much from our nation's state capitals as it ever will from our nation's capital,” said Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), according to the Associated Press.

Senators readily acknowledge that the nation’s capital is far from a favorite of voters.

“I get it. When you’re outside of Washington we’re any easy target,” said Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), who has said he isn’t running in 2016.  “When you drop down into the single digits in approval rating, it’s a very easy place, I think, for people who are running for national office to go.”

Senators eyeing a White House run are firing back, reminding voters they’re the ones on the front lines for issues on a global scale. They contend voters are simply eager for a strong Republican vision and aren’t going to demand certain a certain job title.

Cruz argued that voters are going to be looking for politicians who are fighting to lead the party, regardless of where they come from.

“Republican primary voters are less interested in a particular job title…than they are in who is standing up and leading,” he told The Hill. “Who is engaging on the great challenges of the day? Who is leading the fight to get back to the free market principles and constitutional liberties that our country was founded upon?”

In general, which group do you think is best to lead? Governors or Senators?