Source: WalletHub

Most of us have exceeded the legal speed limit, been caught and received a speeding ticket. But did you know that some states are more strict than others?

WalletHub put together a lengthy scientific study based on 12 key categories in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The mission was to find out which states are the strictest and which are the most lenient as far as speeding goes.

The result? We've actually got it pretty easy in Texas.

States that you absolutely do not want to get caught speeding in are Colorado, Illinois, Delaware, Arizona and New Mexico. (I can vouch firsthand about New Mexico.)

In Illinois, which tied Arizona and Delaware as the second strictest state, speeding is considered reckless driving and has the highest fine for the first offense at $2,500.

Texas came in 51st in the study, which makes it the most lenient. Texas is also a prima facie state, which means 'upon initial examination, sufficient corroborating evidence appears to exist to support the case' and is upheld unless refuted or rebutted.

In Colorado and Delaware, you can also get a minimum of 10 days in jail for your first offense. Texas has no minimum jail time for your first offense and one of the lowest first time offense minimum fines, which start at $200.

But experts warn that speed kills. It's something we have always heard and it's true. Plus, the study also shows that every five miles over 60 mph that you travel increases your gas cost by 7 percent.

With speed limits across the nation increasing (85 mph in some areas), there is even more reason to remain within the posted legal speed limits to save money, gas and lives.

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