In the technology world, it's all about the latest and greatest. And right now, it's all about Apple's new iPhone 5. Nobody knows for sure what it'll look like, what features it'll have or even when it's coming out, but that doesn't stop folks from making a good guess. Here's just a few of the rumors I was able to round up about the iPhone 5. And keep in mind, a lot of this information is just speculation. Apple hasn't made any official announcements yet, so anything on this list could be subject to change:

Bigger screen, new design (possible)

A lot of people have their own ideas as to what the new iPhone 5 will look like. A recent leak from Case Mate suggests that the new iPhone will be bigger than the iPhone 4, while others say it'll be about the same, and others say that it'll be thinner with a more "tear-drop" design to it. Regardless of the design, a lot of people agree that the new iPhone 5 might have have a bigger touch screen, going from 3.5 to 4 inches wide.

No more Home button? (probably not)

On the subject of touch screens, one of the weirder rumors I encountered was that the iPhone 5 would not have a physical "Home" button and would instead rely on gesture-based commands. Now, they said the same thing about the iPad 2 before it was released, but that rumor turned out to be false. I think it'll be the same case here; the iPhone won't lose its Home button.

A better camera (very likely)

Another, more plausible, rumor says that the new iPhone 5 may feature a 8 megapixel camera that can shoot high-resolution 1080p video. And it looks like Sony and OmniVision have already received the order to supply 8 megapixel camera sensors for the new phone. It makes sense, since the Android phones can already shoot HD movies with its camera. So, it looks like this rumor may be true after all.

4G support (not this time)

One of the things the iPhone 5 wont have is 4G capability. This rumor has been more or less confirmed by Apple's own Tim Cook. The new iPhone will instead feature Long Tern Evolution (LTE) chips, which according to Cook will require some "design compromises." (another hint to a new design for the iPhone 5, perhaps?) Either way, if you want a 4G phone, looks like you'll have to look elsewhere.

Release date in September/October (we'll see...)

Probably the biggest rumor of all is when exactly the iPhone 5 will be coming out. But all signs are pointing to a 2011 release. Some sources are reporting the phone will release as early as the end of September. Others are pointing to an October release, specifically October 7th or 15th depending on what source you read, with pre-orders starting at the end of this month.  Regardless, it looks like the iPhone 5 will his shelves just in time for this year's holiday rush. Isn't that convenient?