This school year, Lubbock ISD students in the ninth and tenth grades will be required to stay at school during lunch. This move is the natural progression of closing the campuses during lunch witch should happen in the next couple of years. Yesterday, Nancy Sharp from LISD released this information:

This year, all ninth and tenth graders will be required to remain on campus during their lunch period. Ninth-grade students have had a closed lunch period for several years, but tenth-grade students will remain on campus for lunch this year as well. Renovations will be made to the campuses with funds from the 2010 bond election to create larger cafeteria spaces which will be similar to a shopping mall food court and will include spaces for study groups to assemble during the lunch period. The closed lunch was a recommendation of the citizen-led 2020 Committee as part of safety and security initiatives. Pedestrian traffic around the high school campuses at lunch poses a significant safety problem for students and motorists. Traffic accidents involving student drivers are common. In addition, student absenteeism increases after lunch. As cafeterias expand, a procedure is in place through the LISD purchasing department for businesses interested in becoming vendors in the cafeteria. All food sold in the high school cafeterias will meet the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy. These guidelines promote healthier food choices and require reduced amounts of fat content in food provided to students.

What do you think about LISD closing the campuses at lunch?