A fresh, exciting clothing boutique loaded with Southern charm, Hemline is getting set to open in Lubbock mid-May.

Located at 4401 82nd Street at Quaker Ave. (in the shopping center with Abuelo's), Hemline's opening is greatly anticipated. They are the 24th location of this popular store and the first one here in Lubbock.

I spoke with Cathy Smith, the owner of Lubbock's Hemline, who described the store as, "Very unique but yet a little different...not the same lines as any other shop [in Lubbock]."

Based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, Hemline has opened locations across the South and Texas over the last 25 years. She said Lubbock will be Hemline's furthest west location.

Cathy and her husband Brad are Texas Tech graduates and are very excited to bring this unique opportunity to Lubbock. She said they offer a lot of special features that Texas Tech students will love.

Hemline is focused on going above and beyond with personal service, she said. If you find a dress that you love but need another size, the store will reach out and bring it in from one of the other Hemline stores if possible.

They will have lots of exciting Trunk Shows to look forward to that will feature beautiful unique party and cocktail dresses, Smith explained. She said they will have one-of-a-kinds, too. That means that once someone buys a party dress, it will no longer be available. What a relief -- no worries about going to a party and having someone else show up in the same dress you're wearing.

In addition to solid customer service, Smith said they're planning to stay open late so there's time for customers to shop at the end of the workday in the evening.

Hemline's soft opening is mid-May and the Grand Opening in the beginning of June. It's right next to our radio station, so you'll probably find me there on a regular basis. Plus, I'll need a new party dress to wear to our Shotgun Wedding contest winner's wedding and Hemline is opening just in time for that.

You can check out the Lubbock Hemline Facebook page for more information, and we will do our best to keep you posted on their opening day.


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