Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, Chad spoke with Wayne Christian, candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner, and Glenn Hegar, candidate for Texas Comptroller. The two will introduce themselves as candidates at the Protect Texas Miracle event, hosted by the Young Conservatives of Texas and of Texas Tech.

The event will take place at the Frasier Alumni Pavilion at 6:00 Monday, November 11. The two candidates will describe their interests and qualifications for positions. They will be opening themselves to questions from the public.

Wayne Christian, Facebook

Christian began his discussion this morning with a reflection on the "Texas Miracle." He described the great amount of oil in Texas, the state that leads the nation in oil production. Christian is dedicated to protecting oil business in Texas through this position. He believes the industry is under attack from Obama and extreme environmental agencies that want to shut down oil production in large areas. He said, "Mr. Obama wants clean, green energy, which is everything but oil and gas."  Regarding restrictions placed on energy use in Texas, Christian stated that Texas has enough regulations, working within all existing in the state. More information can be found at

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Glenn Hegar, Facebook

Hegar described what should occur by the work of Texas Comptroller. He defined the position as the chief financial officer for tax revenue collection. He further described the office as "front and center to know how much debt we have, not only at the state level, but at the local level." Through this position, Hegar hopes to offer greater transparency about local taxes and loans. He wants people to be able to access information about local finances, as well as to be informed about implications for tax payers when loans or bonds are used. He expanded: "First you get more involved by making sure people have the right information... You take that position to make sure that you are educating the public, whether it is about debt, whether it is about good economic practices..."
Hegar also briefly discussed the over spending of lawmakers. Find more information on the Texas Comptroller candidate at

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