I enjoy politics. I know that's probably not shocking to many of you since I do host a radio show, but for me it's fun. I think it's great seeing two or more sides debate an issue and put their hearts and souls into that debate. However, sometimes the game of politics is just sad.

Yesterday, Democrats stopped Voter ID from going forward by raising a point of order dealing with a  discrepancy between the bill and its official analysis. Apparently the language in the bill said a person has 6 days after voting with a provisional ballot to show proof of ID. The analysis says 6 business days. Different? Sure, but the main point was to delay the vote which is what happened.

According to the Austin American Statesman, this may happen again.

Asked if Democrats would bring up more points of order when the debate on voter ID begins again, Martinez smiled and said, "There may be." He wasn't specific.

And so the game continues. It's a sad game though, because we all know that the Democrats will lose. Even the Democrats know they are going to lose. So instead of just voting and moving on with other legislation, the dems will play this game.

Time to grow up Democrats. You were beat and I understand that it makes you upset, but get over it. There is nothing bad about showing an ID when voting. You have to show an ID for so many things and no one ever complains that showing an ID to get money out of the bank is unfair.

Democrats, get over it and just vote.