Biden says his faith is important and that he accepts church doctrine on abortion, but then distances himself on it for policy.


Ryan's answer on abortion is thoughtful and not insulting. Ryan on abortion, " I don't see how someone can separate their public life from their private life, or their public life from their faith." Ryan hits Biden on his sympathy for China's one child policy.


The abortion question to both men who are Catholic. Here we go...


I walked away from the debate and Biden is going on interrupting Ryan and now Raddatz. This is like watching a drunk trying to get one more drink after last call. This debate has been off the tracks for about 30 minutes now.


Raddatz has lost control of this debate. Utterly unbearable to watch and listen to. Biden coming off as a jerk and Ryan is just waiting his turn. Biden doesn't sound good and not coming off as one who is the elder of the two candidates. Raddatz continually interrupts Ryan and Biden to try and get back on track, but it keeps failing.


Raddatz is annoying me with interrupting Ryan so much. Let him finish or stop Biden from his interruptions. So annoying.


Ryan: "Aren't enough rich people, small businesses to tax to pay for their spending. Watch out, middle class, the bill's coming to you."


On to taxes and Joe might go nuts here.


 Bruce Feldman, sports writer for CBS Sports has the tweet of the night, so far.

Bruce Feldman Bruce FeldmanVerified@BFeldmanCBS

This is the most entertaining debate I've seen since Old School.


Here is the first flash from the Associated Press about the debate.

DANVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden says his administration has the toughest sanctions in history on Iran, even as his Republican rival says the White House has no credibility on the issue.

Republican Paul Ryan said Thursday evening that President Barack Obama has allowed Iran to get four years closer to building a nuclear weapon.

Biden said at the vice presidential debate that he is "quite confident" the administration could deal a serious blow to Iranian's nuclear ambitions.

The vice president called Ryan's criticisms of his foreign policy a "bunch of malarkey," but Ryan contended he would stand up for Israel.


The debate turns to Medicare and Ryan hits with a story on his grandmother and how much it benefits people.

Burn baby burn “@LarrySabato: You have to admit, Biden is on fire.”


Ryan reminds viewers that the Obama Administration took over with control of the House and Senate in 2009. Biden strikes at Ryan saying he asked for stimulus money for his district. Ryan claims they for Federal Grants.


Biden reminds me of the guy at the bar who really wants to show off about his experiences and how much he matters, but that can't happen in a debate format. This will be very frustrating.


Chad Hasty, host of the Chad Hasty Show, is live tweeting the debate. You can catch his tweets at @chadhastyradio. Here are some of Chad's tweets.

Biden will lose it tonight I feel. #VPDebate

Yeah Joe... the world is really uniting around the U.S. #VPDebate


The posturing by Biden publicly towards the cameras is telling of someone who is flustered and obviously feeling pressure. Raddatz is bringing the questions tonight and I like it.


Talk turns to Iran and their nuclear weapons and Ryan hits the administration saying that sanctions came down on Iran, "in spite of this administration." Biden tries the "classified" card on Iran and says the Republicans don't want peace.


Biden and Ryan exchange punches about security requests for the Libyan Embassy. Biden says those requests never came and Ryan contradicts Biden saying those requests were not honored.


Ryan fires at the Administration for showing weakness on the embassy killings. Biden says Ryan is full of malarkey.


First question is about Libya. Here we go, folks.


VP Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan enter the stage. Biden wins the toss and elects to take the first question.