Today, on Lubbock's First News on KFYO, Air Boss for the upcoming Snyder Airshow Mike Delano informed listeners of a thoughtful gift provided to any WWII Veterans who attend the airshow.

As the 70th Anniversary of D-day approaches, we again recognize the brave men who fought in the Second World War. However, the Snyder Airshow scheduled for June 21st is remembering these veterans in a different way. Any World War II Veteran who attends will have the chance to ride in an original B51, also known in its day as the "Cadillac of the Air." Ordinarily, a ride in this plane would cost between $1,500-$2,000, but for this special occasion, WWII Veterans will ride for free. Mike Delano stated that how the pilot flies will depend on the passengers comfort level. Delano also explained "if you are not up to getting on the airplane, we have people that will help you up, are trained to do that, and will take perfectly good care of you."

Non-Veterans will also have a chance to ride in the plane, but can expect to pay near two thousand dollars for the ride. Anyone seeking more information on the Airshow can contact Mike Delano at (806)759-0800.

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