This weekend I started hearing about this idea of "unity" at this year's State of the Union Address. The idea is to get rid of the divide during the speech between Republicans and Democrats and to instead let members of Congress sit together.  (Read More after the jump)

Sounds like a great PR stunt to me! Don't get me wrong, I love it when this country pulls together. I think it's great when the people of the United States work together and put differences aside. This is especially true after tragic events.

However, this is nothing more than a PR stunt by Democrats and some Republicans are falling for it. Democrats have been blaming Republicans for the tragedy in Tucson, but now they want everyone to sit together? Forget it.

We must stand up and say that it's okay to be partisan. Our founding fathers encouraged debate, why do we discourage it? President Obama will say things in his speech that Republicans won't like and they shouldn't feel as though they have to cheer for those ideas. There should be a divide in Congress, not because we can't get along but because they were elected by the people to represent them. Like it or not, there is a divide in this country. It's a real divide with real emotions. Why would we want our representatives to forget that?

Let us not be scared of debate. Especially because of what some loon did in Tucson.