The liberal leadership of Detroit has reached the end of the road and filed for bankruptcy protection.

It is the largest city in US history to do so.

The Chapter 9 filing will allow the city to walk away from contracts and debts estimated at around $11.45 billion.

The union’s unwillingness to come to any kind of compromise regarding pensions is a large contribution to that number.

Illinois is not a right to work state, so workers to not have the right to choose to be union members; the unions hold the power to just take worker’s wages, so to think that any politician holds power without the blessing of the unions is laughable.

A union proved with Hostess that they would rather all the workers lose their jobs than come to any kind of agreement on wages and benefits.

The liberal City Council of Washington D.C. proved that they would rather the poor have no jobs than hundreds at minimum wage with their ordinance against Wal-Mart.

And now unions have made it clear that in a dying city like Detroit they would rather all their retirees lose their pensions than make any compromise.

And now all federal taxpayer will likely be on the hook.

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