A U.S. senator from Texas discusses a way for veterans to be better-served by their health care system.

Senator John Cornyn released a column on Veterans’ Day in the Waco Tribune-Herald, where he highlighted problems with backlogs in the Veterans Affairs hospitals and offices across the country.

“Unfortunately, the massive backlog of VA disability claims reminds us that far too many veterans are being underserved,” said Cornyn. “This is a national disgrace, and I have expressed my outrage to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki and called on him to resolve the crisis.”

Cornyn pointed out that the disability-claims backlog is quite high in Texas, since it is home to more veterans than any state except California.

The Texas Veterans Commission announced a $1.5 million initiative to work toward clearing out the disability-claims backlog, Cornyn noted.

Cornyn ended the article saying “Our veterans have shown tremendous devotion to America. They deserve the same from their government and should receive their legitimate benefits and medical care in a timely fashion. Anything less is unacceptable.”

Cornyn’s entire column is available here.