On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, U.S. Senator John Cornyn talked with Chad Hasty about the latest scandals coming out of Washington.

It's been a bad week for Washington D.C, as a number of scandals involving the IRS and the Obama administration have been uncovered in the last few days. Cornyn said it was truly shocking that the IRS revealed it had been unfairly targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny.

Although this is certainly not the first scandal to come out of the IRS, Cornyn believes that it's part of bigger problem: the "government knows best" mentality, and that the people who are responsible for these actions must be held accountable.

Cornyn recently called for IRS commissioner Steven Miller to resign after the scandal broke. He went on to say Attorney General Eric Holder should also resign, especially after it was revealed that the Justice Department has been going after AP phone records. Cornyn said that, if the administration does not react to these scandals, they stand a good chance of bringing the Obama administration down altogether.

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