On Thursday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Chris Winn, U.S congressional candidate for District 19, talked with Chad and Rex about his campaign against Congressman Randy Neugebauer.

Winn criticized Wall Street and major banks, saying that they were gambling and speculating with people's money, and that the people were left with the burden of bailing them out. Winn also called out Neugebauer for being the "poster child" of protecting Wall Street interests. He said that the financial meltdown our country experienced was a result of a lack of regulatory responsibility and common sense from the House Financial Services Committee, and that Neugebauer played a role in that.

"The American people are tired of bailouts, tired of the government picking winners and losers, and we're tried of coming in after the big party."

Winn said Americans needs to send a reformer to Congress, and that's why he's running. Winn also discussed issues such as the Stock Act and insider trading, the Tea Party, Delwin Jones, and how many terms he would like to serve in Congress.

For more information on Chris Winn's campaign for Congress, visit his website at chriswinn.org.