The Texas Department of Transportation is launching a new campaign focused on safety.

The organization’s new “Drive Friendly. Drive Safe” campaign is designed to highlight some of the driving behaviors that continue to cause issues on our roadways.

TxDOT specifically highlights the need for drivers to pay attention to pedestrians, bicyclists, and work zones, while also remembering to adjust their speed to road conditions.

In 2011, 4,421 pedestrians were hit by vehicles in Texas, which resulted in more than 418 deaths. There were also 14,617 crashes in work zones in the state, resulting in 115 deaths.

“As students return to school and throughout the year, remember to watch for pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Carol Rawson, director of TxDOT’s traffic operations division. “The best way to drive friendly – the Texas way – is to drive safe and consider others on the road.”