The names of twelve well-known Lubbockites will soon be found on the West Texas Walk of Fame.

The Civic Lubbock Inc. Board has announced that more will be added to the newly constructed and relocated West Texas Walk of Fame in the Buddy and Maria Elena Holly Plaza at 19th Street and Crickets Avenue.

The honorees, all of whom were previously inducted into the West Texas Terrace are:

  • Suzanne Aker - Founder of Ballet Lubbock
  • George Ashburn - Promoter, Producer  - "Meadow Musical"
  • Cecil Caldwell - Musician, Promoter, Producer, Fiddler
  • Don Caldwell - Promoter, Producer/Engineer, Saxophone player
  • John Gillas - Singer and Musical Theatre Director
  • Mary Gillas - Singer and Voice Teacher
  • John Hartin - Pioneer of County Music Education
  • Jane Prince Jones - former KFYO show host and current 99.5 The Bear personality, Actress, Theatrical Director/Promoter
  • Pete Morales - Accordion player, Musician - "Amigos de Todos"
  • Los Premiers - Pioneers of Chicano Music
  • C.B. “Stubb” Stubblefield - Promoter and Producer, Barbecue man
  • "Big" Ed Wilkes - KFYO agricultural director (1962 to 1979.)

The induction ceremony will take place at the Walk of Fame on Thursday, June 2nd at 5 p.m.