Texas Tech Head Football Coach, Tommy Tuberville, was awarded a $500,000 dollar raise this year and that has some Texas Tech professors ticked off. There has been a spending freeze as Texas Tech because of cuts in State funding and it looks as though that freeze will continue.

I can see why the professors are upset, but it seems as though they don't get where the money comes from.

When it comes to professor pay, that comes out of the general budget purse of Texas Tech University. How much Texas Tech has to play around with is up to many factors including state funding. We all know how state funding and education is going right now, so no one should expect that purse to be any bigger. Sorry professors, if you want to be upset, be upset at the state. Just about everyone else is.

However, Coach Tuberville and the Athletic Department funds are separate from the University's general fund. Ticket sales and other athletic items go to fill the purse of the Athletic Department. Last year Texas Tech set records in ticket sales, and according to Tech President Guy Bailey, it was understood that Tech would take another look at Tuberville's contract depending on ticket sales. Ticket sales did great, fund raising was great, and that means he got a pay raise.

Professor pay and Coaches pay aren't tied together. It's ignorant to think otherwise. Did Tuberville deserve a pay raise? That's debatable, but I say yes. To the professors who want Tuberville money... as Ryan Hyatt said yesterday on the The FAN, "Go become a football coach".