To some, the idea of Donald Trump as our commander-in-chief is a horrifying notion. To others, it’s just a massive farce. Others still believe the man, who has a track record of failed businesses filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy longer than any other candidate who stands on a platform of being a hardline businessman, has the economic savvy to lead our country into a burgeoning new golden age of economic imperialism.

Anyway, if you fall into any of these categories or somewhere beyond, you should still be able to laugh at a recent post prompting Photoshop gurus to insert the presidential-candidate-hopeful into their favorite horror movie scenes. The community responded in exuberant fashion.

The result is, well, just check it out for yourself.

Note: the photo on top is not Photoshopped or staged. You are still allowed to feel creeped out if you feel so inclined.

KFYO's Chad Hasty discusses Donald Trump's staying power