On Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Greg Burkholder, CEO of Transitions Industries, talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about a new technology to help patients suffering with Parkinson's disease and other devastating ailments.

Transition Industries is a physical medicine and rehabilitation company that has developed a "Transfer and Lift Control" (TLC) unit for patients who have great difficulty getting in and out of bed.  Burkholder said that, because some Parkinson's disease medications cannot be taken at night, a patient's body will go completely rigid at night and that could lead to serious injury. Burkholder said the unit has been a great help to his patients as well as veterans, and hopes that the unit eventually will make its way into hospitals as well.

For more information on the TLC Units and Transitions Industries, check out their website at tlcunit.com. You can also call Transititons Industries at 877-TLC-UNIT, or in Lubbock at 806-698-6200.