In honor of William Shatner's 80th birthday today, March 22nd has been dubbed 'Talk Like William Shatner Day'.  Shatner fans have apparently been doing this for... the past..... few....... years.

Shatner, himself, endorses the special day on his Facebook profile (click here for link).

Comedians over the years have roasted Shatner for his portrayal of Captain Kirk.   Our first video comes from Kevin Pollak who for over 20 years has hit Shatner to a 'T'.

Even the Brits get in on it during a "Whose Line is it Anyway?" skit

More Kevin Pollak  (one NSFW word at the 5:32 mark)

In 2004 Shatner talked about the phenomenon

Unconventional, modern, Shatner

Classic, 1970's Shatner, signing 'Rocket Man'


What's your favorite Shatner line?  Let me know in the comments below