Meet 3-year old rottweiler Tank, who was discovered in Lubbock missing a leg and in very bad shape.

Last Sunday, Tank was found by a fence near Kay'lea Talbott's house, abandoned and badly hurt. Tank had been shot in the hind quarters and consequently is missing his back right leg. He can also hardly use his back left leg due to shrapnel embedded there from the gun shot.

Surprisingly, Tank wasn't discovered alone. He had Wylie with him, a little dog that looks like a Blue Heeler mix. Wylie didn't leave Tank's side and was protecting him when he was found, Talbott said. And he continues to do so.


Tank needs a wheelchair specifically made for dogs so he can get around better Talbott said when she brought Tank and Wylie to the radio station for a visit. Tank was already exhausted by having to hop from their truck and make his way into the station.

Luckily, we found him a temporary option: an old cart we had in storage. We lifted him up onto the top and rolled him back to the studio. He loved it! So just imagine how a wheelchair device will help this sweet boy.

Talbott is also hoping to find Tank and Wylie permanent homes.

The vet gave he and Wylie their shots. They will be neutered, too. Because of the amount of ticks found on both of the dogs, they have Ehrlichia, which thins their blood. But it's something that they will recover from.

If you would like to make a donation to help Tank get his wheelchair, then submit it or take it by Live Oak Animal Hospital, located at 5214 98th St. Ste. 100, or call them at (806) 794-9000. You can also check out the GoFundMe page set up for Tank to help him get the wheelchair he so desperately needs.