I didn't expect much last night when I sat down to watch the State of the Union. It's a good thing I had low expectations otherwise I would have hated myself for watching. 62 minutes of nothing. That and some bad comedy summed up last night. (more after the jump)Before I get into the speech itself, I'd like to talk about the seating last night.

First, whoever thought this was a good idea was wrong. I can't stand political correctness and that's all last night was about. It was to put on a show when Republicans SHOULD be putting on a show of strength. Instead, we were treated to a Congress that pretends to be unified when we know it's not. By the way, it's okay to be partisan. When did we start thinking we all had to get along when it comes to politics? Our founding fathers wanted debate. They wanted people to debate the issues, not give up on their beliefs.

Congressman Randy Neugebauer sat next to Zoe Lofgren(D-CA) last night and I have to admit I was pretty disappointed in him for doing so. He posted the info online on his Facebook page last night, which seemed to show that it was pre-planned, but this morning on the show he claims that he just found a seat somewhere. I'm not buying it 100%, but okay.

As for the speech itself? Just about everything that was said last night by President Obama has been said before. Some say the speech shows a move to the center by the President, but I don't think so. Not yet anyway. If he was smart then his actions would signal a move to the center, but we haven't seen those actions.

The best line of the night was about salmon and the different departments in charge of the fish. I'm sure you've heard the line, if not, look it up. It's a good example of how we have too much government. Of course with this President always increasing the size of government, I'm not sure he gets it.

All in all the speech was way too long and as always (with every President) included a lot of promises and directions that I'm sure we won't see. Seriously, 62 minutes is way too long.

I'll end with this. I thought Paul Ryan did a pretty good job conveying the GOP message. MUCH better than Jindal. As far as the Tea Party response goes... lets not do that again.

I'd love to see you thoughts on last night's speech. Just respond below!