For better or for worse, the Internet has made it incredibly easy to connect with people in any number of ways. From instant messenger, chat rooms and forums, to the more modern means of Facebook and Twitter, anyone can communicate with anybody for any corner of the world. But, with all of these new ways to communicate, it's easy to forget where it all started: E-mail. E-mail is still alive and strong, and even in this age of texts and tweets, there's still a large number of providers to such your E-mail needs. Here's a quick look at just a few of the E-mail providers you can choose from.


Google's in-house E-mail service still remains as one of the most popular E-mail services out there, and with good reason.  Gmail boasts plenty of great features, like a solid phishing/spam filter, the ability to post documents and spreadsheets online, and a beautifully integrated Google chat feature. It's a great E-mail service, so long as you don't mind all of your information being tracked by Big Brother...I mean, Google.

Yahoo! Mail

I've been using Yahoo! as my E-mail provider ever since I first started using the Internet many years ago. And although it took a little while to catch up, Yahoo! Mail is now better than ever. Its antivirus scanning software is top notch; I've never once had to worry about some rogue virus popping up in my E-mail with Yahoo! mail. It may not have all the bells and whistles that Gmail has, but it's still a solid choice for E-mail.

Windows Live! Hotmail

When I was in junior high and high school, Microsoft's Hotmail was the premier E-mail service all the cool kids used. But now, like a lot of Microsoft's products, it's seen a bit of a decline in use. It's security features aren't as "robust" as Gmail or Yahoo, but it's no-frills, nothing fancy approach to E-mail should be enough to satisfy most folks' E-mail need. It's a decent choice for E-mail, particularly if you're a die-hard Microsoft fan.

Zoho Mail

If you're using your E-mail strictly for work, Zoho may be the best E-mail service you've never heard of. Zoho is tailor-made for businesses, with useful features like unlimited storage, integrated business applications such as calendars and task mangers, and a powerful spam blocker. Another bonus is that Zoho is completely ad-free. If you're interested in a solid work E-mail account, Zoho is definitely worth a look.