Today, Texas Monthly, will have a story about the top 25 most influential people in Texas politics. Of course, Gov. Rick Perry made the list and while I did not make the list this year (probably fell in somewhere between 26-30) I forgive Texas Monthly. Who did make the list? And, what if Lubbock had a list? (more after the jump)Here are the names on this years list of people with the most influence in Texas politics courtesy of the BurkaBlog:

Steve Ogden
Jim Pitts
Rick Perry
Jay Kimbrough
Dave Carney
Bill Hammond
Dick Trabulsi
Brooke Rollins
Scott McCown
Dan Patrick
Michael Quinn Sullivan
Tom Suehs
Bob Perry
Steve Mostyn
Al Armendariz
Alonzo Cantu
Bill Powers
Woody Hunt
Charles Butt
Pat Robbins
Mike Toomey
Rusty Kelley
Buddy Jones
Bill Miller
Brint Ryan

Thursday on LFN I will go more into the list talk about a few of those named. I wonder if this list will start any ego wars out there between people who were put on the list and those left off.

If Lubbock had a list of 25 or so people who were most influential right now, who would make the list? I'd like to get your thoughts on here about who should be on Lubbock's list. Not looking for people in the past, but for people who have influence now.