In a story KFYO broke first on Monday, it became clear Councilman Victor Hernandez still owed his city taxes and according the city charter this makes him ineligible to run, much less hold the District 1 seat.

According to the City of Lubbock Charter, the mayor, council members and other officers and employees of the city, shall not be indebted to the city.  Mayor Tom Martin cited part of the charter in his Friday press conference, which explained why Councilman Hernandez would be deemed ineligible to further serve on the council, "Any officer or employee of the city who shall cease to possess any of the qualifications herein required shall forfeit his office or position".

Online activists screamed about the right-wingers bringing down a man who asked questions about the Socialist power grab of LP&L by the city council and stated that Hernandez is a victim of political tricks and strange timing.

No, actually Hernandez is a "victim" of not paying his taxes and therefore it’s his fault District 1 will be in limbo for months now depending on what happens at the February 8th City Council meeting.

Some have brought up the issue of all candidates having tax issues in the District 1 race in 2010 and this is a rabbit trail going nowhere; except to deflect attention of what is at stake here if Hernandez is allowed to skate by without losing his council seat.

The rule of law is at stake.

This is where conservatives and liberals differ on the rule of law. Liberals find the law to be held in its rightful place only when convenient for the leftist cause. Conservatives hold the rule of law in its rightful place when it is not only convenient, but inconvenient as well.

If we aren’t going to govern our cities and states by the rule of law, in this case the City of Lubbock Charter, then our Republic isn’t long for this life and we should descend into what Europe looks like now. The council must do the right thing by removing Hernandez if he doesn’t do the right thing by resigning.