On Thursday, the Protect Water Rights Coalition joined Chad Hasty in studio, discussing the issue of government water regulations infringing on private property rights. In the group were Leland, J.O., Kirby & Kelly representing the coalition.

The Coalition started when the water district was making plans to install meters to monitor and regulate the agricultural use of underground water. Fines would have been set in place for over-pumping the limits set by the regulating authority, which included maximum fines of $10,000 per day per occurrence. Meters would have been an additional expense on farmers, which would have amounted to installation costs upwards of 180 million dollars across 16 counties.

Farmer's rights to water on the land they own has been affirmed in court cases, and the Coalition feels that there is an ongoing assault on private property rights.The Coalition and it's members do not believe that the state or a local entity has authority to limit farmers in their water usage.

To find out more information you can visit the website at: http://protectwaterrights.com/

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