For some time now, KFYO has aired a unique talk show called 'The Other Side with Steve Godfrey' on Saturday nights.  'The Other Side' isn't talking about liberals, but rather the deceased.  Godfrey, for years, has said he possess a gift to reach out to those who have passed on and to try to help reconnect them to their living loved ones.

Godfrey is moving on to new endeavors and his final show will air live, Saturday night from 9p-11p on KFYO.

Godfrey this week issued a statement on his website about his final radio show:

June 11th will be the last live broadcast of The Other Side. I will miss my Saturday nights with you but after 8 years of hosting the show, it's time for a change.

I am working hard to put out a newsletter and podcast once the new website is constructed. The website address will remain the same so be sure to check in often for updates.

Later this month, I will announce the new shows that will fill the Saturday 9p-11p timeslot.  We know Steve's show has had a loyal following and we hope you tune in for his farewell show tomorrow night.