Well the bums have a new place to call home. Next week the tent city will move from Broadway and Ave. Q to 13th and Ave. A. To some this is a great development, but in the long run it's not good at all. This morning Mayor Martin was on LFN and pretty much gave his and the city council's blessings for the new location. While I applaud the council for not spending money on these people, I don't think the city should be giving a pass to these folks.

Before some of you again start calling me heartless, the bums I'm referring to are the ones who live in the tents and those who refuse help from the Salvation Army. I'm not talking about all homeless people. There are those that are homeless that don't want to live that way. They want a job, car, house, etc. They don't want to live in tents. I have compassion for those folks and I'd rather have resources aimed towards them than the bums who don't want to follow the rules and would rather live in tents provided by the community organizers, Carpenter's Church.

Now these bums will have their tent city in a field in East Lubbock. How do you think the businesses and homeowners there feel about their new neighbors? From the ones I've heard from, they aren't happy and I don't blame them.

I understand that Link Ministries wants to help, but they aren't. They are enabling these people. They aren't forcing them to look for jobs or stop engaging in destructive lifestyles. They are just opening up and field and letting people mooch. I know that we will never be able to solve homelessness, but should we really be encouraging it?

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