If you've taken a look at the iPad's App Store recently, there's pretty much an app for everything nowadays. Whether it's creating music, looking up recipes, or playing games, it seems like every activity you can think of can be done with an app on the iPad.

...except for going on Facebook.

Although Facebook released a very popular app for the iPhone back in 2008, the social networking giant has yet to release a version for the iPad, which has been out for over a year now. iPad users who wanted the Facebook experience either had to resort to third-party Facebook imitators such as iFace, My Pad and Friendly, or they had to go to Facebook's web page, which many critics complained wasn't optimized for touch screens like the iPad.

This new app is expected to address these issues, as well as provide a "slick design that has been tailored for the iPad and its touchscreen interface." The new app will also feature Facebook Chat and Groups functionality, and will let you upload photos and videos to Facebook. The company is also working on the site to improve the compatibility of the website with the iPad.

Although an official release date has not been announced, the Facebook app is said to be in its final stages of development and will probably be released in the coming weeks.