TripAdvisor has released its "2011 Dirtiest Hotels" list and the good news is that no hotel in Lubbock or even Texas made the list. The bad news is, people actually stay at these places. (more after the jump)If you think you can handle it, check out this link to see the top ten dirtiest hotels in America. I'm not sure how anyone could stay in any of these places for longer than 2 minutes, but people do.

I always enjoy going on vacation and rarely do I worry about the condition of the hotel room when I go out of town. The reason I rarely worry? Research. I can't stress enough the importance of doing research on the hotel. There are tons of websites with information that is easily accessible to people with regards to hotels. The worst hotel on the list has been rated bad as far back as 2003 yet people are still trying to stay there.

Always do research and take pictures of your room if it's bad. You can and should complain. I don't care if it cost $35 bucks a night, no one should have to sleep with bed bugs.

The only good thing about this "Worst of" list is that our bad hotels are much better than those overseas. On the site, you can look at hotels in India, Asia, and Europe. I'd take our worst hotels over theirs any day.

If you have a hotel room horror story, we'd love hear it! Just comment below.