Jerry Reynolds, host of the Car Pro Show Saturdays from 11a-2p on KFYO, appeared on Lubbock's First News today with Chad Hasty and Rex Andrew to talk about the latest automotive news.

One of the cars Jerry recently test drove was the new Nissan GT-R (pictured), "I was so thrilled to get that car. What a rocket; 530 horses (horsepower) and 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds. This car is just amazing technology." However, Jerry says there is a downside to this luxury vehicle, "I don't think the GT-R is a great daily driver car. It's very uncomfortable, very tight inside. It's relatively loud inside believe it or not."

Jerry also talked about his latest column in which he said that if high gas prices concern you ($4/gallon territory), it might be time to consider downsizing your vehicle again.

Chad also asked Jerry what he thinks is the best value right now, for the money you'd spend on a new vehicle. Jerry said, "I gotta tell you, the new Toyota Camry is really a special car.  The changes they made for 2012 were spectacular." Jerry continued, "Toyota lowered the price on the car. It's so much nicer and its a better looking car."

Finally, Jerry teased that he will get to test drive an Acura NSX in the future.

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