Lubbock is no stranger to a dust storm every now and then. That being said, you can never expect when a dust storm rolls in and brings along a massive haboob. 

Haboobs are enormous dust storms that blanket everything in their path with dirt. Lubbock has suffered more than a few in its time but the more recent storms seem to be the biggest (or at least it feels that way).

Let's take a look at some of the best haboob photos that we have seen here in Lubbock. I'm sure we'll see plenty more roll through Lubbock so make sure you grab your camera and snap some photos before it hits you. You can send us your haboob photos to

Ron Roberts feature this great shot above on his website. You really feel bad for everyone that stand in that storms way. Lord knows that Xterra doesn't want to drive into it.

Photo Courtsey of Jaclyn Morris

A haboob doesn't care if  you're trying to make it to class on time. It's going to ruin your day  not matter what.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Clementine Mire

Now might be a good time to pull over and sit this one out. It's not worth trying to battle it.

Photo Courtesy of Jerry Hodges

At least we still know there's blue skies and the sun is shining somewhere.

Photo Courtesy of Laura Bixler

This one is taken at the KFYO studio. You might want to say inside guys. Keep making the radio magic.

Isn't this how the Wizard of Oz started?

If you have great haboob pictures, feel free to send them to us at KFYO. We're sure there's another big storm right around the corner so keep your camera handy. You never know when the perfect storm might be coming our way.